June 21st

Vintage Garage has all kinds of vintage but in June you'll get extra vintage music and vinyl.

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We are excited to have Schlep Chicago join us at the Vintage Garage this season!   Schlep is an on-demand hauling service that allows lovers of unique furniture the ability to get their new purchase home through a network of

Vintage Garage Chicago Mid Century Modern, 5051 N. Broadway

Sell at the Vintage Garage


Online registration is now open for the June 21st Vintage Garage, apply now!  Rain or Shine!  The Vintage Garage is 100 percent covered making this an easy set up and break down for vintage vendors. We do it all in

Vintage Garage Chicago, how to buy the best vintage 50 tips. 5051 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60040

Vinyl is back at the Vintage Garage June 21st!


Vinyl is back!  The cover art, the classic music and sound, vinyl has never been gone. June 21st is Father’s Day and we bring you the first Record Ramp of the season! At the Vintage Garage we celebrate all things vinyl

First Time to a Flea Market?


Flea Market Dying to go to a flea market and not sure where to start? I understand your excitement!  It’s a great time and you can find some bargains.  There are a few types of flea markets.  Some are complete

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Vintage Garage’s best retro shopping secrets!


Vintage Garage Chicago kicks off the 2015 vintage season on April 19th! We are excited to be back for 2015 with 100 vendors of great vintage in all categories like vintage clothing, home decor, mid century modern, pop culture, furniture,


What is Rockabilly and Tiki?


Our July show is about Rockabilly and Tiki.  Rockabilly is an early form of rock & roll, popular in the 50’s. It combines rock and roll with swing,  jazz and boogie. Pompadours, swing dancing, circle skirts and leather jackets are spotted